Action Plan

There are lots of different ways we are able to access self-help for depression. We can access information such as meditation, exercise, thought patterns, perception and much more. It is important to understand the roles that each of these actions help your journey to recovery and coping with depression. It is a good idea to start an action plan. Routine is very important in managing depression symptoms. Symptoms include:


  • Inability to control negative thoughts

  • Feelings of helplessness or hopelessness

  • Increase in irritability, aggressiveness or easily angered

  • Inability to concentrate or find easily completed tasks more difficult to complete

  • Increased drug or alcohol intake or unusual risky behavior

  • Overeating or decreased appetite

  • Suicidal thoughts or the desire to hurt yourself (seek medical attention or hospitalization)

  • Sleeping too much or the inability to sleep


Write up and action plan starting with five basic actions:


  1. Physical activity

  2. Engage in pleasurable healthy activities

  3. Find people who support you and spend time with them

  4. Practice Mindfulness Meditation

  5. Create simple goals and obtain them


Write each goal out with a time of day to start it, how long you will spend on it and with whom you may be spending time with. Start with each one of the five examples once a day, on each day of the week. Such as:


Monday at 9:30 am I will do aqua fit for 1 hour.

Tuesday at 9:00 am I will spend 1 hour quilting.

Wednesday at 12:00 pm I will spend 1 hour at lunch with (insert supportive friend or family member).

Thursday at 9:00 am I will meditate for 1 hour.

Friday at 6:00 I will spend 1 hour volunteering for the homeless in the soup kitchen.


These are examples and you can setup your action plan anyway that will benefit you. This is the beauty of self help for depression. You know what is pleasurable and feel good activities for YOU! I will include books, video options and more along the way for ways to learn to master meditation, mindfulness, yoga techniques and more. You have the power to overcome and cope with depression and will find special empowerment techniques that will work for you!


I am excited to be a part of your journey on the road to overcoming depression! I have experienced it and can relate to what you are feeling. Don't stop there! You deserve to feel good and live a happy life, so let's get going!




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