I found out a little bit about drugs while talking to my doctors. Take this one in the morning because of the half-life……blah, blah bla. Each medication is evidently prescribed for a particular time because of their half-life. I have been taking Xanax for so long that I don’t know life without it. I know I’m addicted to the drug, and I need it to manage my anxiety. I don’t get enough relief with the drug. The latest suggestion was to cut them in half and take them four times a day. What?? I can usually remember morning and night, but throw in something that has to be taken during the day is a big stretch for my memory. Ok, I’ll set an alarm.I found that my alarms have a half-life of two seconds.

All things considered with a medication regimen, it is the half-life that concerns us. Am I living a half-life battling major depression, generalized anxiety disorder, bipolar ll, and mood swings? Are my illnesses half of my life or is it all of my life? Is a half-life enough to make a whole life? Am I destined to live with it my whole life?

I think that if we manage the half-lives our whole life, we will someday cope and succeed in living every day fully without any halves.

Published by: Beverly Hughes

My journey through depression and anxiety has been a long fought battle. I have a Masters Degree in Counseling, but that only helped me to understand clinical language. I needed help and have learned so much about what I could do to help myself.

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