Mindfulness And Deep Thought

In my last post, it was apparent that I had had a startling realization that what I attributed to Generalized Anxiety Disorder had become Social Anxiety Disorder. The frequency and severity of my panic attacks that have kept me isolated, and afraid of going out to make friends since moving back to my home town were not what I believed. The people that I know who have Social Anxiety Disorder and their struggles added to the fears I already knew I faced. Thirty years of fighting the battle I knew had a new wrinkle.

I had already begun practicing some meditation techniques and using different therapy models, but now I understood a need to add another set of growth patterns to the mix. I have found guided meditations, and a couple of very carefully picked hypnosis audios helpful. One meditation audio asks to envision the best self you want to be and put that best self in the present. From many uses of this meditation, I can keep that picture at a subconscious level during my work in therapy and during the time that I am evaluating my thoughts for cognitive distortions. Realistically, I’m much better looking in that “best self.” That is a good thing.

Going deep into one’s self is deep thought. I am sure that many people don’t want to dive into such introspectiveness, but that image can still be a bit of subconsciousness as a goal. That best self can be rooted in consciousness. Implant it into ego. Let a micro image of your best self be a real part of your current self. As an INFJ personality, I am wired to understand things from a theoretical standpoint. That is part of my brains’ electrical system. Some people who don’t take a leap into their heads may take this picture of their best self as a micro bit in consciousness. That may be a list of attributes of your best self in a place that you see often or any creative representative of that best self. People eventually will stop paying attention to something that they experience so often that it doesn’t have a conscious meaning. Move that list often. It will then be something that will be able to better incorporate into your life. An example of that kind of awareness that will disappear is the alarms I set on my phone for taking my medicine. I now turn off the alarm and never think about taking my medication. I need to change the sound so that it is not a common event that has a mindless response.

I found that this new information concerning my perception of the anxiety stress provoking. It caused me to fear my anxiety more. I needed comfort, but no one could relate to the experience. If I can learn to approach my challenges and accept that there are things I have to address. I can keep my teddy bear as my comfort and do the work.

If you want some information on the tools that I use and some ideas about what might work for you (things that are safe, comfortable, and usable for you as an individual) I am happy to discuss with you.

Peace be with you.

Published by: Beverly Hughes

My journey through depression and anxiety has been a long fought battle. I have a Masters Degree in Counseling, but that only helped me to understand clinical language. I needed help and have learned so much about what I could do to help myself.

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