EMDR: An Exciting Possibility

My therapist has introduced me to a type of therapy that has had great success in treating clients with many types of diorders. It is called Eye Movement Desensitizaation and Reprocessing developed by Dr. Francine Shapiro. If you have had any psychotherapy with EMDR, I would appreciate your insights.

The therapy involves and interesting way of recalling unprocessed emotions that have led to dificulties in managing thoughts and emotions later in life. The unprocessed emotions also lead to behavior and distortions that develop due to the ways we experience things happened in our family of origin.

I had a little taste of the therapy in a self-help book called Getting Past Your Past. From that experience I found that you SHOULD NOT READ THIS BOOK! The therapy protocol requires direction of a trained psychotherapist. It is not a safe do-it-yourself thing. My experience in trying this method myself was very disturbing. By simply recalling one distressing memory from elementary shcoo experience.l I was overwhelmed with a flood of emotions from other things that had happened previously that I hadn’t thought about in decades! There were at least six other disturbing memories that hit me all at once I cried (I had not been able to cry since 2017 when my mother died) and felt like I was that child again. The next day I did yard work untill I was fully exhausted very distressed, near tears, and a lump in the pit of my stomach. My therapist hit the roof when I told her about what happened, and she agreed with me that this imformation should NEVER have been published for the public. Her trainer had worked with Dr. Shapiro in developing the safe protocal for it’s use only in a clinical setting. The therapist can guide the client in ways to keep the therapy safe without becoming overwhelmed.

I kow it works, so I am going to make some trips to have these sessions. I think 750 miles and a couple of days of a hotel stay is worth it.

Published by: Beverly Hughes

My journey through depression and anxiety has been a long fought battle. I have a Masters Degree in Counseling, but that only helped me to understand clinical language. I needed help and have learned so much about what I could do to help myself.


3 thoughts on “EMDR: An Exciting Possibility”

    1. I’m making arrangements to meet with my therapist who has just acquired the EMDR technique for a week. These will be 90 min. sessions every day. I’ve got to manage to clear my calendar and gather the money to stay there. I moved from that city a year ago but kept my therapist using Skype. I can see EMDR is not a band-aid. It is surgery, and I want it!!

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