D Rings And Split Rings

It has been some time since I made a post. It is like I told my trainer at the gym, “Life sometimes gets in the way.” Indeed, It has.

If you have read my blogs in the past, you know it is usually an analogy, because my brain makes connections in that way. It’s good enough for me.

I recently acquired a beagle puppy. My son bought the little fellow and he became quite a handful, so I adopted him to love, feed, and train. Beagles are scent hounds and stubborn, so they have to learn their limits to protect them from harm and absent-mindedly chasing the trail of a rabbit. My little man, Chewy, lives up to that name. He is adorable except he has that puppy nip. I have bled the most so it is reasonable for me to train him.

Puppy ownership has a few requirements. He has been a big investment. He needed a pen. This little guy could chew up the refrigerator if he had it in mind. He is a hound dog. I bought three different kinds of leashes for the little guy. It was a waste of money, because a hound dog is just going to find a shady spot and lounge around when he isn’t sniffing around the scents of the multitude of rabbits and stray cats we have crossing through our huge yard. I am sure he smells the occasional fox or racoon, too. What mere human could keep up with that then sit with his laziness? I had to invest in a shock collar. I was afraid to use it at first, because he is such an adorable guy. I tried the shock on myself, and at the lower settings it didn’t hurt. The shock is static, so it is more of a startle than a shock. The vibrate button tells him “no.” The beep was completely ignored until I added a treat for “come Chewy.” He knows that now and will half way knock me down to get that tiny treat.

Now, I make the analogy. He has an implanted chip so that someone who finds him can get in touch with me. That required a tag on a split ring to go on his collar. I got a cute bone shaped tag with a split ring that has my name and address. I thought it would be easier than calling the 1-800 number and reading out the long number to locate me if he was just a couple of houses away. Naturally, a dog needs a rabies shot that comes with a tag and a split ring. All of these split rings had to be hung on the D-ring leash holder on the little man’s collar.

The D- ring is the base. When we are looking for ways to better ourselves and deal with the things that life presents, we want to see where our leash is attached. I see this as the most integral part of ourselves. Our identity is that D-ring. It is the heaviest part so it is extremely important. That ring is our unique personality and our beliefs about ourselves. It is our integrity. It is the completeness of ourselves.

The tags on the three split rings are feeling, thought, and behavior. I can attest that placing these three split rings on the D-ring was hard! The rabies tag are our feelings. The split-ring was tough but it dangles all around loosely. It is for health. It is our mental health. The tag can twist and turn and make a lot of noise. These feelings that we have can cause a multitude of problems for our health and well-being. It needed a strong split ring. The tag that I put my name on areour thoughts. I messed up and put that one on backward. Our thoughts, especially the backward ones, are not quite as loose and are often somewhat rigid. Our name is on that tag, so we have to take care of it. It is also in the center between feeling and behavior, so it interacts with them constantly. Feelings touch thought that jingle with behavior. If you change the thoughts they certainly will effect feelings and behavior. I think we need to give thought a lot of thought. The last tag on a split ring is our behavior. Remember that anyone can call the number on the behavior tag. How we behave can save us, but it can report us missing. It was the smallest tag and gave me the most difficulty. The tag has Chewy’s name on it and it hangs beside the tag with my name on it. Our behavior is closely linked to thought and if it is twisted with enough force our behavior and our thoughts can clash hurting someone else. Being mindful of the interaction between thought and behavior requires close attention. Would we want our behavior to find us lost or be there for someone to report us missing? Mindfulness of the two previous tags will let our identity hold us safe.

The D-ring was our base, our identity, our personality, and the keeper of our feelings, thoughts, and behavior. What is the D-ring? It is where the leash is attached. Who holds your leash? Who is guiding all that you are? That D-ring is your life. Own it, and watch out who you allow to attach a leash.

Published by: Beverly Hughes

My journey through depression and anxiety has been a long fought battle. I have a Masters Degree in Counseling, but that only helped me to understand clinical language. I needed help and have learned so much about what I could do to help myself.


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